Online Teacher Assistant Career Resource Guide

Welcome to Teacher Assistant Info! Here you can find information for teacher paraprofessionals and those seeking to pursue a career in the field. We offer information on state specific requirements, employment opportunities, and resource tools just to name a few. Please read further (see below) to find out how to become a teacher assistant in 3 simple steps!

1. Make the decision

The first step is to determine if becoming a teacher assistant is right for you. Although it isn't a job for everyone, people that are up to the task can find this career to be a highly rewarding experience. Not to mention, it would be a shame to go through all the required training and job searching only to find that it is not the right fit for you. To gain an understanding of what the job entails, read the Career Overview to understand the job description, working conditions, expected salary and job responsibilities of working as a teacher assistant.

2. Comply with the specified requirements

The next step in becoming a teacher assistant is to meet the basic and specific qualifications that you need to know in order to work in the area that you seek employment. Job requirements may differ from state to state because some areas require training before you apply, others may offer on the job training, while some do not require any special training and you can apply immediately. Learn about the Job Requirements and your State's Standards so that you can be qualified to become a teacher assistant.

3. Landing the job!

The final and most important step is obviously landing the job. There are so many opportunities out there and multiple ways to find employment. The Job Search section can help you find available jobs in your area. In addition, the Blog Section provides articles that gives information regarding teacher paraprofessionals. This includes sample resumes, cover letters interview tips and other relevant information that will help you on the job hunt!