Teacher Assistant Requirements in Kansas


To be a teacher assistant in Kansas applicants are required to have a high school diploma or GED and meet at least one of following requirements:

  • Complete at least two years (48 semester hours) at an institution of higher education; or
  • Obtain an associate’s (or higher) degree; or
  • Pass a State approved assessment

The Kansas State Board of Education approved the following assessments and established passing scores for each:

  • ParaPro Assessment by Educational Testing Services (ETS). One assessment includes reading, writing and mathematics. The passing score is 455 points.
  • ParaEducator Learning Network by Master Teacher, Inc. There are two assessments; both must be passed to meet the requirements: Assessment 1 Reading, Writing and Math: Instructional Support (65% to pass) and Assessment 2 Reading, Writing and Math: Knowledge and Application (70% to pass).
  • WorkKeys by ACT, Inc. There are three assessments and an observation survey that must be taken and passed: Reading for Information (Level 4 score to pass) Applied Mathematics (Level 4 score to pass) Writing (either writing assessment is acceptable; Level 3 to pass); and Instructional Support Inventory (ISI) (150 points to pass).

Additional Preparations
CPR/First Aid certified
Pass state and federal background checks