Teacher Assistant Requirements in Kentucky


General Requirements to work in Title I School
No Child Left Behind’s Highly Qualified Standard applies as a requirement for all teacher assistants seeking employment in Title I schools. An instructional paraprofessional in a Title I school-wide program or Title I targeted assistance program who is paid with Title I funds must meet at least one of following requirements in the state of Kentucky:

  • Successfully complete at least two years (48 semester hours) of study at an institution of higher education
  • An associates degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and the ability to assist in the instruction of, reading, writing, and math by passing a formal and state approved assessment such as the Kentucky Paraeducator Exam (KPE)
Local school districts administer the KPE. If you would like to know information regarding times and testing locations, please contact the school district. Additionally, you can prepare for the exam with the Kentucky Paraeducator Assessment Study Guide. This review guide can also be found at the Kentucky Department of Education website.


Requirements and Preparation
CPR/First Aid certified
Pass state and federal background checks